Make Some Noise!


  • There are two ways of constructing the future tense.
  • Method 1- I will +infinitive:
    E.g. Je vais manger.
    Tu vas manger.
    Il va manger.
    Nous avons manger.
    Vous avez manger.
    Ils vont manger.
  • Method 2- Take the infinitive and add the appropriate ending:
    Je-aiJe mangerai
    Tu-asTu seras
    Il/Elle/On-aIl choisira
    Nous-onsNous appendrons
    Vous-ezVous écrirez
    Ils/Elles-ontIls connaitront

    Some verbs are irregular:
    EnglishInfinitiveIrregular stem
    to beêtreser...
    to goallerir...
    to haveavoiraur...
    to have todevoirdevr...
    to do/movefairefer...
    to be able topouvoirpourr...
    to want tovouloirvoudr...

    *these are the main ones, there may be more.